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Corona Vaccine (Covid-19) manufacturing companies in India

Corona Vaccine Covid-19 manufacturing companies in India

Corona virus, the new common enemy of all began its spread of infecting people at an unbelievably fast rate. Global efforts have begun all over the world to put an end to the devastating impact brought about by the virus. Though there are a few issues like testing and clinical trials that have to be considered before a vaccine for the virus can be developed successfully, there are some Indian pharmaceutical companies willing to go through the toil to develop a vaccine against the deadly virus. The following are the companies who have claimed that they are in the process of developing a vaccine against Covid-19


Companies manufacturing Vaccines for Covid-19

1. Zydus Cadila

Zydus Cadila has come up with a vaccine named as ZyCov-D which was approved for test on humans by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. The company claims that the drug was quality ensured by the company and the test on animals indicated a good immune system response and also that the antibodies were capable of killing the virus

2. Serum institute

Serum institute Corona Vaccine manufacturing company

The company which hails from Pune and is the largest manufacturer of vaccines said that the vaccine will soon be on the release as it had made a licensing agreement to supply 1 billion doses of the Oxford university vaccine. It stated that the Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccines will be soon available for use as the clinical trials are showing positive result

3. Biological E Ltd

The company claims that it’s carrying out research for developing a new vaccine against the Corona virus. It has said that the next phase in the development of vaccine will be clinical trials. The company says that it would be capable of releasing a vaccine by the end of 2021.

4. Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech

The company which has its origins in Hyderabad has developed a vaccine named Covaxin. The company had stated that the process of human trials for the vaccine had already begun as it has received approval from the DCGI for Phase 1 and 2 trials. The company had made this move with the joint help of ICMR.

5. Indian Immunologicals

Indian Immunologicals has made a research pact with Griffith University of Australia and they have planned to develop a vaccine with the help of de optimization technology. The vaccine which is under development is believed to provide long term immunization against the virus

6. Mynvax



Mynvax claimed that it has been developing a vaccine on a small scale which has the potential to prevent the Covid-19 infection. The company looks forward to the expansion of this start up feature supported by the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore in order for many people to reap its benefits. The company claims the completion of animal trials and development of immunogens

7. Auro Vaccine

Auro vaccine hailing from Hyderabad has developed a vaccine platform called Vesiculovax. The vaccine platform is expected to improve the immune against Covid as it has shown promising results in the cases of viruses like Ebola and Chikunguniya. Experiments in monkeys have shown single dose protection against viruses like Ebola.


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