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Consumer loans, auto loans is more advantageous?

In fact, economic, banks and credit agreements between consumers based on the same principles as a whole. Banks maturities and interest rates, availability of consumer credit and loans to take back indicating the risks involved in the payment and financial credibility of a term, determine the type of credit independently. This measure is generally limited to the description with regulations. For groups of consumers who want to use credit for different types of needs, preparing loan packages offer a variety of loan products banks. The new “0” km or 2 people who want can use hand tools or consumer loans, auto loans, according to your preferences.


Auto loans or consumer loans using the tool for those who want to stand out differences in this type of loan
Credit promise to put in the car during the refund, in particular the zero km. term longer than their consumer credit applies to new car loan, the difference in lending on interest rates, insurance, practices imposed by banks, such as life insurance, new “0” vehicles Km and 2 have one different conditions of interest and term rate in the car used vehicles 2nd hand there are limits to the age of the car loan is outstanding features on car loans.

consumer loans, loans to banks a broad general needs of the customer. consumer loan interest rates may be higher than loans and vehicle. It does not set limits for vehicles bought alongside loans to the consumer. for example vehicles sold before the end of the loan. According to car loans are short-term options.

Consumer credit conditions on

Consumer credit, consumer credit received cash from creditors in order to obtain a good or service. consumer credit contracts to be in writing and must be given to the consumer with a copy of this contract. The parties stipulated in the contract between the credit terms changed to the detriment of the consumer in the contract period. Lenders, consumers, giving at least a week for at least two consecutive installments in the event of default should muacceliyet notice.

Where consumer loans as collateral personal guarantees, lenders, without recourse to the principal debtor, the guarantor can not demand the execution of the debt. consumer loans bail, bail provisions of the Code of Obligations are located in common. Consumers, the total amount owed to the lender or the lender in the event of one or more than one installment, according to the amount paid is required to make interest discounts and fees required.

What are the elements that play an influential role in the approval of loan application rejection or decision?

Credit, there is no guarantee. credit decisions in relation to customer credit worthiness, especially in the application, the risk of the habit of paying their debts and move level plays a role. Guarantee, taking into account the perturbations that can repay the loans, the risk of losses in case of inability to pay the debt is a strengthening element used to minimize.

What documents are required to use the car loan?

Asked the real person application documents for the car loan, birth certificate, proof of residence, a freelancer is your tax certificate, if you work pays payroll (for employees if the income of the company was certified with timbre of the company’s signature), self-employment / business that you are the owner of the commercial register, “0” km. The pro forma tool that will issue loans for vehicles, the license will be subject to copy tool for used car loans.

How long can be taken in response to loan applications?

Person applying credit Natural upon completion of the necessary paperwork to complete your loan application can be answered in a few hours. Since the complete submission of the documents necessary for the Company’s application will be made on your application for credit car loan can be answered in about 2 days.

What are the guarantees to be provided for the car loan?

Credit is subject vehicles in the pledge in favor of the institutions that offer loans and car insurance, which is the organization that grants loans and times mürteh being done. According to the evaluation of results provide related financing loan application to the bank or consumer finance companies, some may require additional guarantees. This guarantee additional coverage according to the evaluation results on the application, there may be elements such as letters of credit and cash lock.

Maximum of a few months until the term of the car loan can be used?

The real person to a maximum of 48 months for applications; the legal entity for car loan term of the applicant up to 60 months can be used.

What is the maximum loan amount for car loans?

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency conducted in accordance with the regulations; request individual auto loans, the value of the car invoice price does not exceed the rate of 70% for those with $ 50,000 or less. This rate is the final invoice value in excess of 50,000 passenger cars in Turkish lira, worth up to $ 50,000 of the cost of 70%, which is over $ 50,000 applied to the portion of 50%


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