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Clash of clans troop attacking strategy

I got some troops that make very great strategies together in groups, if you don’t have the troops, well do the ones you have.


Giants and balloons

So if you have the balloons maybe upgraded in a fair league, this will be useful for you, if you are in higher league than this is probably not the strategy. When you go to attack, find all the defense buildings that protect the air. After that, get the giants and target the air defense buildings and take all or most down, (air defenses are more important to destroy than archer towers, you can also use lighting spells to help destroy them).

Once you do that put your balloons down and they’ll target the defenses, if there’s still some buildings that guard the air, make sure the balloons target them first. When all the defenses are destroyed, put down ground troops to destroy the rest of your enemies.

Dragons, balloons and minions

Have at least two dragons, eight minions, and four balloons. If there is an air defense use a few of your minions on that and then put down one of your dragons to help destroy the air defense while it targets the minions. Put down your other dragons or dragon to distract archer towers while your balloons target the archer towers and destroy them.

Wizard towers are super weak against dragons and balloons. Wizard towers do splash damage, two balloons or a dragon is bad news for a wizard tower, but a group of minions could lose. You don’t have to worry about wizard towers too much. Once all defenses destroyed, put down some ground units to finish off the base.

100+ barbarians and 100+ archers

If you just totally want to overkill the goblins or even enemy players, 100 or more barbarians and archers work pretty good. Remember you must upgrade them, they do get much more better than before. So when you start, put down your barbarians first, then put archers behind to protect most the barbarians.

Mortars can really put an end to your raiding fun, spread out your archers and barbarians so it doesn’t do splash damage on all of them. Try to get the barbarians to get the mortars so not so many of the troops die. Then celebrate your victory!

100+ barbarians or 100+ archers and healers

Sometimes the goblins are just to good for strategy at your level, raiding is real fun. So it can be almost any one as long as you have enough barbarians or archers at a high enough level. When you go to attack you can use some lighting spells, to help destroy the defenses, spread out your barbarians or archers due to mortars and wizard towers, if you have more potions, try to use them when your in trouble. Also try to attack from one side of the village.

If you have more than one healer great, because eventually your troops are going to group up and die easily from splash damage, so don’t put all troops at once. Make sure air defenses are targeted because they seem to love to killing healers, archer towers I rarely see them attack healers, because I think they’re too busy with the ground units, but still make sure the ground troops destroy them quickly.

Once all air defenses and archer towers are destroyed, your healer(s) are safe, if you have any other troops, like goblins, they can be a good finisher. If you don’t, well the healer will heal the troops until everything is destroyed. If your attacking people online were there is a time, you will need goblins, one or two healed barbarians won’t do all the damage in the remaining time.


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