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Clash of clans how to have a powerful and organized army

Organizing your army

As you know, upgrade barracks to unlock new warriors, and upgrading army camps gives more of a capacity for warriors. So than with the troops you have unlocked, make a list of every troop there is and how many there are (make sure your camp is full with the troops you want) and when you attack or donate, you train the troops you lost so the number and capacity goes back to normal. But once you unlock almost all the troops, you might not have enough space for all of them, so when you use up one of the troops fill it in with the ones you’re not using so you still stay organized.


Getting powerful

You need to upgrade barracks as much as you can, same with researching troops, that is what you should use your elixir for. If you upgrade your troops using the laboratory to level 3 they get a new look to them, and then if you go to level 5 they get even a cooler look, then level 6 will make the most awesome look to the troop.

Your troop also get’s tougher, stronger attacking and more elixir to train. You must upgrade your laboratory to research troops, you can’t make a pekka level 6 with a level one laboratory, right.


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