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Clash of clans how to get successful attacks

How to successfully attack people

If you have giants, you can successfully attack someone with the giants. So if you found someone weak enough to attack, place giants to take out the defenses and once they do, use any other troop to destroy the village. If you have balloons, the giants only need to destroy air defenses like archer towers and then place the balloon down and he’ll destroy the rest of the defenses and then put down other troops to destroy the village.


Winning against people harder than you

Let’s say your in a higher league and people are way to hard to attack, I’m in a high league. When I go to attack, many people have their town hall at the corner of the village with no protection. I destroy it and end the battle and I win. You get very little trophies but better than nothing. Sometimes they have hidden teslas by the town hall, no biggie, just use giants.

Just make sure the giants don’t alert the clan castle because then the people inside the clan castle will kill the people destroying the town hall.

If you don’t have giants

If you don’t have the giants yet, train a lot of archers and barbarians and try to get them to go for the defenses. Once they’re defenses are destroyed, the village will be helpless. If you upgrade the archers and barbarians they become much stronger and attack harder. Yet once you upgrade them more elixir will have to be used to train them. So make sure you don’t decrease in elixir when you keep attacking.

Hope you have fun destroying villages!


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