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Casio PRW2500-1A Reviews

Pathfinder watches are some of the most renowned wristwatches that Casio produces. This company has been providing ergonomic varied designs and technologies for many years. Most of the other pathfinder watches from Casio are emphasized on timing, indication features and measurements, which is the primary reason for this category of watches.
The PRW2500-1A however features timing and measurement accuracy and bold displays typical of Casio pathfinders in addition to adventure and enthusiast activity friendliness.


Whether you are a kayaker, fisherman or someone who love rafting, river trekking, mountain climbing or related remote location adventures, this watch will serve you. The pathfinder was designed under supervision of expert meteorologists to allow its functionality in varied exposures. It has several features that enable comfort and ergonomics, accuracy in timing and visual appeal.

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Features and specifications of Casio PRW2500-1A

The Casio PRW2500-1A wristwatch has a distinct structure that houses several functionality features. It exhibits the compact analogous design which is trademark of most Casio pathfinders and includes a number of features shared with other models in this line of watches. Some of the features you will find include the following;

  • Indicator and measurement features – This has been the outstanding sales point for Casio pathfinders. Their ability to take different measurements, including temperature, altitude, humidity and atmospheric pressure, is simply unparalleled in the specific price category. This watch comes with a barometer, altimeter, thermometer and digital compass. These readings can be activated with simple one touch triggers on the ergonomic display layout. As aforementioned, the watch was produced under keen supervision and testing by meteorologists to ensure accuracy in reading is achieved. One main advantage is that the watch is adaptable to many environments. It was specifically designed for challenging and dynamic exposures. It can be used in sunny, rainy or freezing conditions and still provide accurate measurements and timing.
  • Restructured display – One of the recurring concerns with other Casio pathfinders has been the display. Considering there are a lot of features and outputs to display, most users wanted a clearer, or better yet, larger display and easy-to-read layout. With Casio ProTrek (Pathfinder) PRW2500-1A, you will enjoy the benefits of a redesigned duplex display. This LCD display features optimized upper and lower layouts that allow reading at a glance. Since some of the readings and measurements are illustrated in graphs and other statistical presentations, this display is much better and does not strain the eyes. It even allows the inclusion of small arrows and icons to indicate patterns and outstanding metrics.
  • Convenience and ergonomics – These features are meant to offer comfortable wearing and safe, easy-to-use interfaces. The pathfinder’s band/strap is made of soft resin which settles comfortably on the wrist, leaving no long-lasting marks. The band is easy to clean and only needs wiping to be as bright as new. The watch is also water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet). This range allows several activities including rafting, river trekking, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving and kayaking among many others. It can also be used in areas subject to heightened water pressure like shower splash and waterfalls. The LCD display features LED lighting and distinctive colours to enable easy reading.

There are many other smaller features that contribute to the whole timing experience. Some of them include radio-control (satellite updates in concision with the atomic time), stopwatch, timers, chronograph, alarm, auto-calendar and depth measurement. You will also be able to access time and moon data graphs that are relevant in adventures such as sea kayaking.

Pros and cons

There are many advantages of using this pathfinder watch and any adventure or outdoor activity enthusiast will like it. Nonetheless, it has its downers just like any other product in the market. The merits and demerits of choosing this option are briefly described in pros and cons as follows.


Remote control timing updates and recalibration
Ergonomic duplex displays with multiple indicators
Comfortable resin bands


Hard to achieve accuracy in temperature and humidity measurements
Graphical illustrations are still tiny.


Many Casio pathfinder watches are almost similar in design and available features. However, the PRW2500-1A model presents a desirable difference with a set of new features that enhance its usability in adventures and outdoor expeditions. To enjoy all the benefits named here, it is important to buy your watch from a genuine reputable distributor. This will ensure you get original non-counterfeit products and warranty deals.

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