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Business loans are defined as capital borrowed for a specified amount of time at a specific interest rate by a specific person or people that operate a business or plan to operate or invest in a business. This definition is very broad, but so are the various types of loans available to businesses, entrepreneurs or business owners. The decision on which type of business loan that the company will benefit from the most is a very important one.


Commercial business loans can be taken for many purposes. Some of the main objectives are as follows:

  • Loans can be used for starting your own business.
  • Loans can be used for repaying the creditors of the business.
  • Loans can be used to buy equipment’s for your business.

There are many different types of business loans available, ranging from those secured with collateral, non-secure loans, which are based upon the credit worthiness of the applicant, or even government loans for small business ventures, women and minorities.

When business loans application is reviewed, some of the following questions might come up in one version or the other:

  • How much loan required?
  • Is there enough cash flow generation to service the debt?
  • Is there collateral to cover the loan?
  • Is there a reasonable balance between debt and equity?

Lenders evaluate business loan applicants based on the information provided as well as their judgment of the viability and profitability of the business being financed. Thus, applicants will be required to submit a loan proposal along with their applications with the purpose of creating a strong statement about the past, current and prospective operational and financial leverage of their business.

Business loans provider would pay much emphasis on your repayment ability. Owners investing in their own business and taking the implied risks of their decisions tend to receive financial leverage easier.

Collateral is a core ingredient for business loans. Secured business loans will require collateral and significantly add to the business loans application. Business loans without collateral are unsecured business loans. They are usually requiring higher interest rate and can only satisfy small financing needs.


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