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Biggest advantages of using a GoPro

The Go Pro is the new must have camera for adventures and travel, Which is also affordable. In case you haven’t heard of a Go pro before, it is a small, compact digital video camera which is lightweight enough to take nearly anywhere. One of the key benefits to a Gopro over other cameras is that there are various housing and mount options for the Go Pro ranging from waterproof cases to mounts on bike handles and surfboards.


The Go pro can be connected to you in several different ways, including your head, chest, mouth and wrists. Which makes it easy for you to record all sorts of different sports and travel.

The latest version of the Gopro is the Hero4 edition which can be brought from most electronic retailers, The Gopro Hero4 features a LCD touch screen which is useful for camera control and playback. It can also take professional 1080p60 and 720p120 videos as well as taking photos at 12MP at up to 30 frames per second. You can check out my Full GoPro Hero4 Review Here.

Both the Gopro Hero4 and Hero3 can be connected to the free smartphone app which gives you control over all settings and menus with a live preview function. All the GoPros also come with free software which gives you the ablity to edit photos and videos.

There is so much more to a Gopro than it being a extreme sports camera. Having a Gopro means that you can capture so many memorable moments, many of which you cannot capture with a regular camera.

10 Reasons to Own a Go Pro

1) Lightweight

On Average a GoPro weights just 2.2 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand which makes the camera lightweight and easily portable. The GoPro is much lighter than any other camera which makes it perfect for taking absolutely anywhere with you.

2) Affordable

Go Pro’s are affordable with the cheapest GoPro currently being the GoPro Hero at just $119.99 ranging to the most recent Go Pro edition which is the GoPro Hero4 at $499.99. Compared to other cameras that have similar features to the GoPro, the GoPro edition cameras are much more affordable.

3) High Quality Photos and Videos

The GoPro has fantastic video and photo quality. The default resolution for the GoPro Hero is 720p at 60fps superview and records at around 15Mbps. Although the latest version of the Go Pro can film 4K video at 30 fps, 1080p video at 120 fps, and even take 12 MP still images at up to 30 fps. Considering the price of the GoPro the video and photo quality is exceptionally good.

Footage from the Gopro appears very often in professional video productions including Hollywood film productions, therefore it must be good.

4) Waterproof

Ever wanted to take photos under the water? Or video yourself snorkelling? with the GoPro you can do exactly that as the GoPro comes in a protective waterproof case that is capable of being underwater up to 197 feet (60 metres)

The GoPro is one of the best waterproof cameras out there and can take high quality photos and videos underwater as well as on land.

5) Fun

The GoPro has all sorts of mounts and housings which you can buy, giving you lots of potential photos and videos to try out. With the GoPro you can have some fun and be creative. For example you can take underwater photos, record yourself surfing and check your golf swing.

Another One of the key features of the GoPro is its time lapse function, which enables you to do some pretty cool things with your footage. Including cutting down a long video into a couple of minutes long and Recording a new house being built. The Time Lapse feature records in full resolution at 12MP.

6) Shockproof

The GoPro is tougher than any other camera and is almost unbreakable. After all the GoPro has to be pretty touch and shockproof if you are going to be using it for jumping off bridges and recording dangerous adventures.

You can even by extra housing for the GoPro to make it even more shockproof and durable.

7) Wide Angle

The GoPro has allowed people to capture footage and photos which cannot be captured from any other camera, this is all down to the GoPros wide angled lens which is fantastic for capturing footage from a range of perspectives.

The Wide Lens also increases the sharpness of your footage with reduced fish-eye distortion. This wide angled lens allows you to get clearer and sharper videos and photos.

8) Versatile

One of the key things that makes the GoPro stand out from other cameras is the massive number of mounts and housings that are available to buy, Which means that you can use your GoPro to take footage of literally everything.

The sorts of housing and mounts you can buy for a GoPro includes waterproof housing, Bike handle mounts, surfboard mounts and so much more.

There are also all sorts of accessories you can buy for the GoPro allowing you to attach the camera to yourself in all different sorts of ways from a helmet to attaching it to your wrist, back, shoulder and head. This makes it easy for you to record all sorts of footage from a range of different angles.

9) Long Lasting Battery Life

The majority of cameras would usually run out of battery much quicker than a GoPro. A GoPro can last up to three hours of continuous video recording providing you are using the same settings throughout.

Although if the GoPro gets cold the battery will start to perform worse therefore if you are planning to use the GoPro in freezing or exceptionally cold environments then you should expect the battery life to decrease.

10) Great for All Sorts of Adventure and Travel

The GoPro is great for taking footage of literally anything. Weather you want to record yourself surfing, take underwater photos, record your golf swing, video a roller-coaster, The GoPro can be used for absolutely anything.


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