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Best iPhone Baby Monitors of 2021

The advances in baby monitor and smartphone technology now make it possible for you use your iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet as part of your baby monitor system. What you do need to purchase is the monitor/camera that goes in the baby’s room.


The simple benefits of this are:

  • One Less Device: Traditional baby video monitor systems come in 2 parts: the camera which goes in the baby’s room, and the parent unit for watching your baby on. Now your smartphone or tablet can be used as the parent unit to watch your child on and control the camera.   This means no more need for a “parent unit” device to carry around and keep charged or plugged in, your phone or tablet has you covered!
  • Mutli-tasking: just because you are using an app to monitor your baby doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else on your phone or tablet. Most apps have alerts when sensing noise or movement to alert you its time to take a look back at the app, leaving you free to surf Facebook or text all at the same time.
  • Cheaper (more affordable) in some cases: since you are only buying the camera you’re buying less hardware, so it should make sense that there’s less of a cost
  • Watch from Anywhere: all you need is an internet connect, so maybe you’re on a business trip or our to dinner and don’t want to ask the babysitter how things are going. Simply fire up the app and take a look!
  • Expandable: All of the cameras we list here allow for additional cameras to be added to the system to you can watch multiple rooms & kids
  • Recording: most cameras and apps allow for some sort of recording capability, making them perfect as nanny-cams if you want to see how things went while you were out.

The drawbacks

  • Setup: Since the camera needs to connect to your home wi-fi signal in order to send the video stream to your iPhone, plus there’s any app you’ll need to download. So there is a bit of setup necessary to get the camera and phone communicating with each other.
  • Battery Life: running this app full time can drain your battery quicker.

Here are the Best iPhone Baby Monitors, with one for just about anyone’s price range:

  1. D-Link DCS-825L-Buy now from amazon.in
  2. IBaby Monitor M6-Buy now from amazon.in
  3. D-Link DCS-700L-Buy now from amazon.in

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