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Best Iphone Apps for Teachers

At the beginning of the new academic year, all teachers are preparing for classes. These days, they have a wide selection of resources to help them transfer knowledge to the younger minds. Besides the traditional tools used by teachers in the education process – namely, books – there are also modern tools like tablets with countless apps available.


The following applications will be extremely helpful for teachers who want to deliver their material in the most interactive manner.


There’s no better tool than Edmodo when it comes to getting students involved and focused on a class. Interacting with them will become extremely easy for you once you’ve started using this app. With Edmodo, you can send out group messages to everyone studying your subject. Plus, the app gives you a cool assignment management system. You can keep track of students’ progress in a streamlined fashion without missing a single detail.


Every teacher’s job involves monitoring class attendance and keeping students’ grades organized. To fulfil these duties efficiently, try TeacherKit. This universal app offers tons of teacher-oriented features in a nice and clean user interface. Recording attendance, student behaviors, and grades is incredibly smooth and easy with TeacherKit.

Essay Grader

Most teachers need to give their students feedback on their performance as well as grade papers quite frequently. That is precisely the reason why Essay Grader exists. It features a great pre-written set of essay comments, which surely isn’t appropriate for all students, but quite useful anyways.


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