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Apps that Will Help You Make Smart Investments

Market analysts usually advise investors to ignore all the daily chatter about the worldwide stock market trends, but these cool new smartphone apps make it very hard to resist learning all about the latest news of the financial world. Check them out and see how they can improve your investing style.



This is a pretty great free app from Motif Investing. It gives traders a new creative way of trading stocks and ETFs. You no longer have to make separate orders for individual purchases – you create “motifs”. These are like bundles of about 30 ETFs and stocks with the value of at least $250. It’s a super convenient tool for creating a diversified portfolio of stocks centered around different industries or themes.

2.Mint Personal Finance

As all the other apps in this list, Mint Personal Finance is absolutely free for users. It is a very handy tool that millions of people use daily to track their money easily in a single place. The app is linked directly to each user’s financial accounts. It provides systematized, easy-to-read metrics to make watching their financial activity easy.

3.Financial Calculator

This handy tool is provided to investors by Echoboom. It’s specialized for certain unique calculations that are commonly used in finances. The app can help an investor calculate such things as annuity growth, the time value of his money, compound interest, cash flow analysis, bond valuation, amortization, etc.


This is an amazing place to get your daily load of the latest investment analysis and news. With the Bloomberg mobile app, you’ll always be aware of the important trends that affect stock markets.



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