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Make you beautiful for Valentine’s Day

Fancy a Valentine’s Day on which you look tip-top? With this ultimate list of must have beauty tips, you are ready and done in 5 minutes!


Whether you want to organize a Valentine’s Day with your family , with your loved ones or with your friends, at least you have the right to look great! Very often you gain self-confidence if you make yourself beautiful … But you also do not have hours of time to sit in front of the mirror! That is why we give you the essential tips to make you beautiful for Valentine’s Day in a few minutes . Practice and you will see that this beauty routine will only take 5 minutes!

Start by brushing your teeth with your electric Oral-B toothbrush : now you already have a fresh mouth with a radiant smile. Now you can start your beauty routine. Goal: to be beautiful for Valentine’s Day in 5 minutes!

Step 1. A shade of eyeshadow (you do not need more than 2 colors) is a must. Apply the light and natural color to the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrows. Then apply the dark color to the movable part of the eyelid, from the middle to the outside, and gently mix with the lighter color to make both colors blend smoothly.

Step 2. Protect your skin and cover the imperfections in your skin with a non-greasy BB cream for a matt and uniform complexion. Massage with your fingertips to allow the cream to penetrate well into your skin.

Step 3. A brown eye pencil is your best ally. Use it to draw a line along the inner edge of your eyes (top and bottom) or as an eyeliner to extra your eyes on. You can also use it to activate your eyebrows in short, very light lines.

Step 4. With a few strokes of good mascara (liquid and in the right color) lashes immediately give the impression of refinement and a well-groomed make-up. Apply one or two layers of mascara, starting at the root of the lashes and rolling out the brush to the end of the hairs.

Step 5. For a youthful appearance apply blush with an easy to apply and fade powder. Apply sparingly while you smile in a natural way: a little on your cheeks, with a thick brush (if it is not enough, you can always add a layer). To smear upwards to fade, in the direction of your ears.

Step 6. To finish everything, choose a neutral lipstick for a natural look. Bite your lips lightly with a paper handkerchief and apply a second coat.


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