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Back to Bed app review

Back to Bed is a $2.99 application created by Bedtime Digital Games. This puzzle game is clearly inspired by M.C. Escher’s works mixed with just a dash of the art style of Salvador Dali. If you love such titles as Monument Valley, you will definitely enjoy playing Back to Bed. It has both fun gameplay and eye candy.


Graphics and sound

The Back to Bed visuals are absolutely beautiful, reminiscent of a nightmarish, dark version of the Monument Valley game. You will certainly appreciate the design if you love isometric visuals. The art style of the various dream worlds is stunningly gorgeous, full of textures, vivid colors, and depth. There’re tremendous amounts of detail in each scene, so the game will look wonderful on Retina screens. The animations are all fluid and smooth, but a tad slow. Fortunately, they can be speeded up by pressing the fast-forward button. The atmospheric, soothing soundtrack fits the visual design really well.


In Back to Bed you have two difficulty modes – Normal and Nightmare. The second one can be unlocked only after you’ve completed the first, and it’s basically the same levels, but harder to go through.

In Back to Bed your task is to help the main character get to bed safely. But the guy is presented there in two forms. Bob – a sleepwalker – constantly finds himself in artistic, but crazy dream worlds. And Subob – his subconscious self – should protect him on his way to the bed.

The levels are quite challenging, but it’s quite disappointing that there’s absolutely no penalty for letting Bob “die”. The character will just come back, and you’ll be given another try. Plus, there’re no points or rewards for completing levels.

Still, Back to Bed is a solid, beautiful and fun puzzle game, despite its obviously low replay value.


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