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Abyssinian Animal Facts, Pictures & Characteristics

Abyssinian Animal Facts

Common Name: Abyssinian
Origin: Egypt
Group: Cat
Average Size (L): 60cm (2ft)
Average Weight: 4.5kg (10lbs)
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Litter Size: 6
Type: Shorthair
Colour: Fawn, Red, Blue, Grey
Temperament: Intelligent and curious
Training: Easy
Distinctive Features: Silky fur and almond shaped eyes


Abyssinian History and Domestication

The Abyssinian Cat is believed to be perhaps the most established type of residential Cat on the planet, as the primary domestication of the Abyssinian Cat happened in Ancient Egyptian occasions. It is felt that Abyssinian Cats were purchased and sold on the banks of the River Nile by dealers, where the African Wild Cats (the predecessors of every single household Cat) lived in their local natural surroundings. Abyssinian Cats are most effectively recognized by their “ticked” hide which gives their jacket a mottled appearance.

Abyssinian Physical Characteristics

The Abyssinian Cat has an all the more wild looking appearance when contrasted with numerous types of household Cat in current occasions. The Abyssinian Cat has huge ears (which means it has awesome hearing) over its expansive head, and the enormous almond-molded eyes of the Abyssinian are as yet unmistakable to this breed today. The Abyssinian Cat is a medium measured Cat with a long and strong yet slim body and a generally short tail. Albeit today, the Abyssinian can be found in a wide range of hues from blue to lilac to red, the thick, satiny hide of the Abyssinian was initially silver or grovel in shading.

Abyssinian Behavior and Temperament

The Abyssinian Cat is known to be very smart and lively and is believed to be one of the most dynamic types of residential Cat as the Abyssinian appears to discover it practically difficult to sit still. Abyssinian Cats are known to be amazingly steadfast and submissive cats making them simple to prepare in the house. The Abyssinian Cat is as wild in temperament all things considered in appearance and appreciates to have a great deal of consideration just as to keep dynamic, which additionally tends make these Cats normally great trackers.

Abyssinian Breeding

Today, most types of cutting edge residential Cat are thought to have plunged from, or be close relatives of, the Abyssinian Cats which were brought to England from Northern Africa in the nineteenth century. The Abyssinian Cat is thought to have been one of the main types of Wild Cat to have been tamed by Humans, and is thusly one of the principal wild animals to be dealt with like a family pet. The Abyssinian is currently one of the most well known local Cat breeds in the USA and was thought to have been first displayed in Crystal Palace in 1871 and the primary authority posting of the Abyssinian Cat breed was in 1882.

Abyssinian Interesting Facts and Features

In Ancient Egypt, the Abyssinian Cat was viewed as a sign from the Ancient Egyptian Gods and was along these lines thought to be a holy animal with legend considering that the Abyssinian was the “Offspring of the Gods” and it was subsequently loved on the banks of the Nile. This implied the Egyptian individuals accepted that the Abyssinian Cats were incredibly unique animals and they subsequently took care of their Cats great, with Abyssinian Cats regularly being delineated as hallowed creatures in Ancient Egyptian workmanship and legend.

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