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A Night Of Bonfires And Bonding The Roommate Camping Experience


Some friends are forever- this is something all of us understand. How do they become so close that they feel like an extension of your family though? The answer is the bond formed with them, and the memories created through both good and bad times. It is important to remember that these moments are ones to be cherished. Some of the greatest moments of your youth will be with your roommates, friends and partners.


Building a good relationship with your roommate is only a matter of time, especially because you share that single bedroom house for rent in Pune. They are in such proximity you are bound to spend time with them. This, however, does not mean that they will be close to you, as proximity alone is not enough to build a bond. This is why you need to create memories. Finding an activity to do together is a great way to build that bond. You could take classes together, watch movies together or even cook together. There is one activity however, that is way more fun, and is sure to help build a special bond of trust and faith –


Camping is sure to get you out of that fully furnished house for rent in Pune and out in the wilderness. Here are some activities you can do while camping that will help your roommate and you form an unbreakable bond together.



There is little that beats the serenity of fishing with the calm waters, and the quiet yet pristine surroundings. It is hard not to form a bond as you have a couple of beers and spend some time on a boat catching that night’s dinner. Truly fishing when camping is something that will create a bridge of warmth between your roommate and you.


Pitch That Tent

There is an art to pitching your tent. There is nothing quite like nature to bring people together but spending time in nature means finding, or in this case, creating shelter. How is this a bonding experience you ask? It requires teamwork and cooperation to pitch a tent together. Pitching your tent together while you are camping can show both your roommate and you how to work with each other to accomplish tasks. After all, this could be a fun way to figure out those house chores.



This is the piece de resistance. There is absolutely nothing like having a couple of beers while sitting in front of a warm bonfire toasting smores. The night sky shimmering in its most majestic sense, the sound of crickets chirping away, the sizzle of the flame and unforgettable memory of unity and tranquillity. Truly no camping trip is complete without a bonfire under the star-filled night.

Remember, your relationship with your roommate in 1 bhk flat on rent in Pune could be one of the most significant relationships you ever have, they can be your companion during those tough nights of work, heartbreak or fights with your family. Cherish them and take your time to build a relationship of faith and trust.



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