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5 reasons that make automatic watches always fascinate Men

Several decades ago, the most popular automatic watches such as Poljot, Sarenka (of the USSR), Polo, SK Orient or Seiko 5 has always been the desire, passion of many people. But today with the emergence of all kinds of modern electronic watches, question has been mentioned: Where is the future of automatic watches?
Those who really love and understand automatic watches will surely smile and tell you that no where to go, because they have been there. For those who have been interested in watches, the automatic watches have their own soul rather than a mechanical machine. There are many things in those watch appeal to them. These watches make people passionate and being attracted in an incredible way.


1) The machine has it soul

The automatic watches operate based on the energy being created inside, through the gear system moving smoothly fit together, like the body with the heart and the pulse. It was joked that automatic watch is never dead. And for Men, watches sometimes becomes extraordinarily close to them, as a friend, a confidant to its owner.

2) Contains high art

Art in automatic watches is harmonious construction, symmetry of the details. When mention high-grade automatic watches, you will know the terms like Skeleton, Tourbillon, etc. All of these are advanced techniques in the watchmaking industry, which require scrupulosity, subtlety and meticulosity in every detail.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Do not use any battery or any semiconductor, automatic watches operate on enegy they create (through self-winding or wrist movements of the wearer)

4. Production costs are usually quite high

Because of the complexity of the apparatus inside, or case-back design, open-heart on the outside, the cost to produce automatic watches are usually quite high (such as the price of Japanese automatic watches are often more than $100). But surely with a valuable watch, beautiful from the the outward and art inside, you will become more confident and stylish when wearing it on your hand.

5. Depending on each person’s feelings

With the same watch, some people are interested in this detail, but some are interested in other detail, etc. But after all, automatic watches are always attractive, appealing to Men, or those who love and are interested in original watches.


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