5 Common reasons make watches run slowly


Watches run slowly is not too strange for those who regularly use them. However, with some new persons, this make them feel confused and anxious when encounter this situation. The watch you use everyday suddenly runs nearly 10-minute delay. What will You do in this situation? First, let’s research 5 reasons make watches run slowly:

1. The hand touch the inside of the watch:

For quartz watches, the common error is the hand touches the inside of the watch. This may be the fault of the manufacturer during the process of assembling or the watch bumps ( which make the hand bolt loose)

-> Ways to handle: pull the button in the middle of watch ( make the watch stop running), brings the watch to the service center or prestige watches shop for repair.

2. The cog-wheel system is worn out

For mechanical watches, after a long time of using without wiping oil or make clean the inside of the watch which will make the cog-wheel system work well. This will not only make the watch run slowly but in the long run would damage the entire system of cog-wheel.

-> Ways to handle: regular clean the watches, when seeing abnormal signs, make the watch checked immediately.

3. Battery runs out

Batteries are indispensable for a quartz timepiece. Substandard batteries can cause oxidation inside your watches. After a period of using, batteries will be certainly weakened which make watches run slowly. In addition, the “part contacts battery” is also extremely important. In the long time, this part without careful care may be rusty, make the power being transmitted instably from the battery which cause the watch run slowly.

-> Ways to handle: If the battery is low, replace the batteries immediately, and do not forget to clean the part contacting the the battery.

4. IC was broken down

For quartz watches, in addition to the battery, the IC is also an extremely important part, it is like the brain of a watch. If the IC fails, the watch may run fast or slow.

-> Ways to handle: after checking if not three errors mentioned above, it is likely IC was broken down => replace new IC.

5. Watches are magnetized

In fact, quartz watches hardly are magnetized because they contain electric motors. Conversely mechanical watches are easy to be magnetized, just one detail is magnetized, the entire system will be magnetized, making the watches run slow (for mechanical watches, you will see the errors increase significantly ).

-> Ways to handle: limit to put the watches contact with the things emitting strong magnetic (televisions, refrigerators, computers, cell phones …)

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