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3 Ultra-stylish Watches For Active Men

For men who are active, wristwatch is surely the perfect accessory show their own personality and style. A great or personalised simple sports watch is always an interesting suggestion for the active man. In addition, the material case, color or material band can make your watch look more prominent than ever.


Below are three trends of ultra-stylish watches for active men:

1. Nylon men watch band

This is one of the style of men’s watches which are extremely loved by the dynamic youth. Nylon band has a variety of colors, designs from simple, subtle to personalised, prominent. A smooth nylon watch band with neutral colors or unconventional colors with youthful stripe, you will be definitely interested in collection of watches with a variety band. This type of watch is suitable for you to go to school, take part in sports activities or outdoor activities. However, when coming to the formal events, these watches are not fit.

2. Mens Watches’ plastic cases

Plastic watches are always the first choice of those who love sports for their waterproof features, and sweat is not easy to come into watch when training. waterproof or sweat during exercise. Not only that, the plastic watches usually have sporty designs, extremely robust design, and have a lot of colors to choose, etc.

3. Watches with 6 hands

The most popular sports watches at present, the sample of watches with 6 hands with the function of Chronograph sports stopwatch always make young men fascinated. These watches are often designed with sporty designs: the body of watch is a little thicker, with 3 buttons on the side and 6 hands on the dial. Not only with this type of watches, you can choose watches with metal band or leather band upto your hobbies. Sports Watches are considered not fit with politeclothes like shirt, vest, but with this kind of watches, you can choose for yourself a stylish sports watch but rather luxurious and elegant and polite.


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