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3 Factors contributing to create a beautiful wristwatch

For many people, a beautiful wristwatch is no need to be expensive luxury one. As many people interested in watches, a watch is considered beautiful if it meets these following three factors:


1. Good engine

The engine is the soul, the heart of each of the wristwatch. Especially, when mention the automatic engine (mechanical watch), the watchmakers have to be very meticulous, careful in every details of the watches. Nowadays, with modern technology, we have been able to produce a series of quartz (watch use battery), This is useful and has affordable price. A Swiss Made watch is sure the the envy of many people. However, the prices of Swiss watch are often quite expensive, not suitable for the majority of customers. Therefore, many customers have loved and chosen Japanese watch.
If understanding watches you must have known, most genuine Japanese watches (Casio, Citizen, OP) and luxury fake I watches commonly use Japanese Miyota machine. We can say that Miyota is fairly popular, of course, because of good quality, stability, affordable price compared to other Swiss machines.

2. The watch is Suitable to the user

Sometimes, a watch looks very beautiful, very eye-catching but when putting it on your hand, you will see it not fit at all. Therefore, when choosing a wristwatch, you should also find out which kind of watch fits your stature, skin color and your job.

3. You really love your watch

In fact every person has a different aesthetic judgement. For the same skirt, some say it beautiful, but some say it is ugly. The same to watch, but the most important thing is that you feel that watch is beautiful suit you. It can be an anniversary gift between you and someone else, or simply, you find it express a part of your personality.


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